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Meditation is about the mind and its purification. It is a technique for developing the right concentration which can only be acquired through direct experience, and not from reading alone. The purpose of meditation is to calm the wandering of our minds. To calm the mind is the first step, Samadhi. We focus on an object and direct our monkeying or false minds so that it is no longer engaged in egoistical thought. Vipassana or self-contemplation follows. This is when we put our minds under control and contemplate introspectively.

In detail, meditating is the adjustment of the body, breath, and mind. The first adjustment is the Body:

Sit upright, with legs crossed and hands on your knees. Gently close your eyes. Keep your back straight and your head upright. If you cannot cross your legs, you may sit on a chair.

The second adjustment is the Breath –

breathing is one of the most important steps in meditation:

Concentrate on the spot where air enters the nostrils.

The third adjustment is the Mind:

Be conscious of your breath as you inhale and exhale. When air comes in, touching the insides of your nose, count "one" in your mind. Do not count when the air exits the nostrils. Count to ten in this method and then repeat from "one".

There are many more specific and advanced meditation techniques used to guide us in the pursuit of true spiritual understanding. The temple offers weekly classes on Buddhism and Meditation for both beginners and advanced students every Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 11:15 AM. Sign up here or find out more.