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Educational Services

Dharma talks or lecture series hosted by the Venerable Guan Cheng

Our Abbot, the Venerable Guan Cheng, has held many Dharma talks on various Buddhist topics including meditation and specific Mahayana scriptures (Sutras), in both English and Chinese. Dharma talks in English are delivered every Saturday morning during a class called Buddhism & Meditation, while Chinese language Dharma talks or lecture series take place several times throughout the year. See the Sign up now for details.

Videotapings of Dharma talks in both English and Chinese can be accessed from our Lessons page.

The Venerable Guan Cheng holds a weekday Dharma talk program on the local Chinese radio station AM 1320, and Metroshowbiz FM 99.7 in Hong Kong. He speaks about subjects in Buddhist philosophy and how they apply to everyday life. Compilations of his radio Dharma talks in audio CD or MP3 formats can be ordered online, or at the temple. All CD and MP3 compilations come in boxes with custom designed covers and inserts. (Order online coming soon)

These radio Dharma talks are also available for download via our Lessons page.

The Abbot hopes to produce video vignettes of his radio program. By combining sound and image, and using Chinese subtitles, the Venerable Guan Cheng offers another way to understand the Dharma for people who prefer to learn through visual means. See sample Dharma talk videos on our Lessons page.

The Venerable Guan Cheng's Published Works

In addition to writing a bi-weekly Chinese column for Hong Kong's Buddhist Compassion Magazine, the Venerable also has four books published in Chinese: Happiness Originates from the Mind (2003), How to Attain Happiness by Appeasing One's Mind (2004), Prajna-Paramita Hirdya Sutra Commentary (2006), and A Bouquet of Incense from the Heart (2006). These books can be ordered online or at the temple. (Online ordering coming soon)

Guided Tours

We offer guided tours for groups of 15 people or more, to help visitors learn more about our temple and Buddhist philosophy. Each tour takes approximately 30 minutes, during which time our staff or volunteers will guide visitors throughout the temple grounds on an enlightening exploration of Chinese art, culture, and Buddhism. Written notice via our website, fax or email is required before the visit. We have provided tours for more than 60,000 visitors, many of whom belong to schools and other educational institutions from across North America.

See Guided Tours for more information.