Podcast Series Now Available from the International Buddhist Temple


Over the years, Venerable Guan Cheng’s teachings have guided thousands of people through their journeys of life, in the formats of videos and articles on the Temple’s website (www.buddhisttemple.ca), as well as postings under its WeChat public account (@BuddhistTempleCA). To make the Dharma teachings more accessible to those who lead a busier life, we are now launching two Podcast series to regularly publish English Dharma talks given at the Temple. The two series are,

(1) International Buddhist Society

This series features Q&A with Venerable Guan Cheng and other Venerables at the Temple on common issues about the Dharma and Buddhism. The 30-minute episodes cover a wide range of topics in a dynamic format, accessible to people with different backgrounds and interests in Buddhism.

(2) Dharma Talks at International Buddhist Society

The Dharma Talks series contains more extended lectures and themed talks on Buddhism in English, ranging from methods of meditation and handling challenging situations to calming one’s emotions using the traditional Samatha and Vipassanā Buddhist practices. These talks are a great gateway to understanding Buddhist philosophy and practicing it in daily life.

Both series are available on common Podcast apps such as iTunes Podcast, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, and Overcast. We are also exploring options to make Chinese teachings available in the Podcast format. Please stay tuned for future updates, and help us share the teachings with your friends and family. Immeasurable merits will be created by little acts of sharing.

As the saying goes, it is difficult to obtain the human body, just as it is difficult to hear the Buddha’s teachings. We sincerely hope for those having an opportunity to learn about Buddhism to lead a life that is pure, create good affinities, and eventually end reincarnation upon obtaining the perfect wisdom.


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