Daily Dharma

If one thing exists, then everything exists. If even just one thing does not exist, then the whole universe does not exist.

― Dao Hanh (12th century Vietnamese Zen master)

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The 2018 Seniors Day Celebration

Author: Andrew Yang On August 4, 2018, the International Buddhist Temple held a successful Seniors Day Celebration. Nearly a thousand seniors atten...

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Jan 18th Sat

Chinese New Year Flower & Cultural Couplets Bazaar

Visitors can experience Chinese New Year celebration with traditional blessing couplets, auspicious flowers, snacks & foods and much more. * All sales will be donated to temple*
Jan 18th Sat


年宵摊位义卖春节吉祥花卉、盆栽、风车、贺年糕点及礼品等。 1月24天除夕祈福法会, 晚10时半至午夜12时。