Daily Dharma

Seeds generate manifest activity,
manifest activity perfume seeds,
three dharmas mutually interact,
cause and effect act in simultaneity.

― Anonymous

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In view of the Pandemic, our Main Gracious Hall, Ksitigarbha Hall, Thousand Buddha Hall, Ancestral Memorial Hall and Zen Kitchen will remain closed un...

Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday

Buddha’s Birthday is the most sacred day to millions of Buddhists around the world. There are different names and different dates of observance for th...

【News on the New Year】

As the Pandemic has been raging for over a year now, our life is impacted in many ways: from individual’s physical and mental health to the economy an...

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Oct 24th Sun

Peacock King Sutra Chanting Session by Monastic Order

Peacock King Sutra Chanting Session by Monastic Order (internal event) We dedicate the merits of our prayers to those affected by the pandemic.  May we all enjoy health and peace…
Oct 24th Sun

Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Ordination Day

Chanting Congregation by the Monastic Order (Internal Event)