2020 Hong Kong Book Fair

2020 Hong Kong Book Fair 15 July (Wed) to 21 July (Tue) Vinaya Samadhi Prajna Lecture Hall, a subsidiary of International Buddhist Temple, will participate in this year’s book fair. Venue: … Continued

When Impermanence Strikes Home

Translated by Andrew Yang As COVID 19 ravages the world, significantly impacting normal life, everything from social order to the natural and living environment to international travel, let alone family, … Continued

Who Am I?

Translated by Andrew Yang “Human life is a pure fantasy. Indeed, in a worldly encounter, who is meeting whom? Prior to my first breath, who was I? And upon my … Continued

Dawning in Spring

Translated by Andrew Yang The pastoral lyric from the Tang dynasty (618–907) is known for portraying simple, rustic life and nature. It reminds people of the kind of leisure, harmony … Continued