Karma: Part III (The Finale)

I’m often asked what qualities make a good Buddhist practitioner. On most days, without skipping a beat, I would usually go off on a discourse about the six paramitas or … Continued

Karma: Part II

We learned from the last article that karma is not a deterministic law that the Hindus and Jains had advocated, but more like the continuous adding and tasting of new … Continued

Practicing Metta and Mudita

When asked what important concepts I’ve learned in my 10+ year Dharma journey thus far, two that stand out are: metta and mudita. In short, here is why: These definitive … Continued

Debunking the Myth of Meditation

Finding a meditation center in your area is hardly a challenge these days. They’re everywhere. There are even smartphone apps for it. With mindfulness studios and workshops springing up in … Continued

No Doubt, No Awakening

Understanding the difference between debilitating doubt and liberating doubt provides us with some preliminary insight into the qualities of doubt that must be developed on the spiritual path.

Karma: Part I

The actors assume their places for the next take. The assistant cameraman, visibly vexed by the redundancy of filming another scene, raises the clapperboard again. Snap! The sharp sound breaks … Continued

The Power of Thought

In my last article, I introduced the common fault that most people fall victim to in their search for happiness. In this article, I would like to examine the effect of thought on … Continued