The Three Dharma Seals

Three principal aspects of Buddhism, called the Three Dharma Seals, are meant to clearly distinguish it from non-Buddhist teachings: that all things are impermanent, that all things have no inherent … Continued

Water Flows into the Sea

The Zen Buddhist Zhongfeng Mingben (1263-1323) was an outstanding master during the Yuan dynasty (1279–1368). When Emperor Ren Zong was a crown prince, he called him Master Fahui (Dharma Wisdom). … Continued

Form and Emptiness

Translated By: Andrew Yang Many who have not studied Buddhist scriptures interpret the Sanskrit word “rupa” or “form” as a body color reminiscent of lust, and “sunyata” or “emptiness” as … Continued

Real Happiness

Translated By: Andrew Yang Everyone seeks happiness and enjoys it, but without exception happiness in human life is always short-lived and impermanent. So then what is true, absolute, eternal happiness? … Continued