Dawning in Spring

The pastoral lyric from the Tang dynasty (618–907) is known for portraying simple, rustic life and nature. It reminds people of the kind of leisure, harmony and innocence in life … Continued

The True Mind

The Dharma is infinitely profound. A novice practitioner, faced with an immense body of the Tripitaka written sometimes in abstruse language, finds it challenging to grasp the key principles of … Continued

The Three Dharma Seals

Three principal aspects of Buddhism, called the Three Dharma Seals, are meant to clearly distinguish it from non-Buddhist teachings: that all things are impermanent, that all things have no inherent … Continued

Water Flows into the Sea

The Zen Buddhist Zhongfeng Mingben (1263-1323) was an outstanding master during the Yuan dynasty (1279–1368). When Emperor Ren Zong was a crown prince, he called him Master Fahui (Dharma Wisdom). … Continued

Form and Emptiness

Translated By: Andrew Yang Many who have not studied Buddhist scriptures interpret the Sanskrit word “rupa” or “form” as a body color reminiscent of lust, and “sunyata” or “emptiness” as … Continued