Introducing the Brand-new Serenity Lodge


Late autumn arrives with its typical crimson red leaves, and the International Buddhist Temple is in the final stages of reopening long awaited by its sangha as well as the public. After a three-year hiatus, the temple welcomes all with a significant makeover. The many new attractions added to its grounds include an exquisite Deer Park Garden where Buddha first taught the Dharma to his original five disciples, modelled on the historic Deer Park in Sarnath, India, a towering bronze statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, or Guangyin, and next to it, a bi-lingual stone tablet with inscriptions relaying an event of deliverance powered by the Bodhisattva’s invocation, as well as a gorgeous foot crossing with a revamped Wisdom Foundation in the Buddhist Pond Garden, plus several more facilities yet to come. Also among the eye-catching new structures completed are a Serenity Lodge and a Buddhist Treasures Circulation Pavilion located just across from the outer Reception and Incense Supply Office. These new structures have all been personally designed by the abbot, Venerable Guan Cheng.

With elegant woodcarving emanating rich Chan vibes, the unique Serenity Lodge will be a friendly venue to host various future events such as special Dharma sessions with live teachings by the Abbot and other members of the sangha, live Gu Qin zither demonstrations, tea ceremonies, talks on vegetarian food and its nutrition and dialogues on environmental sustainability and personal health, so that the laity and other members of the public may together experience something of the other-worldly Dharma in an intimate worldly setting with a sense of reality.

Next to it, a delightful Buddhist Treasures Circulation Pavilion features pithy Buddhist verses on a television screen in English, French and Chinese, and a display of Chinese and English language Buddhist books and portable chanting and recitation players, free for the visitor to pick up and use in their Buddhist studies, worship and cultivation at home or on the go.

We welcome all friends, old and new, to come and take in some of the new sights, and participate in our regular or special public events, so they may relish a moment of peace and tranquility in their busy life. Please stay tuned!

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