Braised Pomelo Pith With Soy Sauce


Ingredients: One Chinese pomelo, 4-5pc. ginger

Seasonings: 2 tbsp first-extract soy sauce, 1tbsp. dark soy sauce, 1pc. rock sugar


  1. Remove rind from the fruit.
  2. Peel the outer crust of the rind with a peeler. Soak the pith in water for one day.
  3. Squeeze out excess water from the pith from time to time until the water is clear.
  4. Heat wok with oil. Add ginger and seasonings and sautee for a while until fragrant. Add a bowl of water and simmer until the rock sugar is dissolved.
  5. Arrange pomelo pith nicely in a big tray. Cover pomelo pith with seasonings and water.
  6. Steam for 30 minutes until pomelo pith soak up all the sauce. Drizzle some sesame oil on top before serving.


  1. Do not overcook pomelo pith, or else it will be mushy.

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