Soya Milk Pudding with Fresh Fruit


Ingredients: 350g low sugar soya milk, 150g whipping cream, 30g sugar, 8g agar powder, some diced fresh pineapple, mango and apple, juice of 1 passion fruit

Seasonings: A pinch of mint leaves, some honey


  1. Mix together the sugar and agar powder in pot. Pour in soya milk and whipping cream. Cook with medium heat. Turn off heat when boil.
  2. Allow to cool in room temperature. Pour mixture into a large pudding mold. Keep refrigerated for 3 hours before used.
  3. Chopped some fresh mint, mix in passion fruit juice (with seed) and honey. Add fresh fruit.
  4. Arrange on top of the soya milk pudding and serve.


  1. Agar powder is a jelly-like substance, obtained from algae. It can be used as a vegetarian substitute for gelatin.
  2. Gelatin powder is derived from the animal collagen, thus not suitable for vegetarian.


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