Yellow Fungi Soup



20g dry yellow fungi, 10g dry porcini mushrooms, 5g dried longans, 5g dried kombu, 1pc. dried tangerine peel, 4 southern dates.


1tsp sea oil, 1 tsp sugar, t tsp black bean soy sauce, some pepper powder.


  1. Soak yellow fungi overnight; replace water a few times until the water is clear (this step is to remove sulfur)
  2. Add 2 or 3 slices of ginger and half piece of brown slab sugar into a pot of water, and bring to boil; add fungi to boil for 3 minutes; remove and set aside
  3. Marinate fungi with seasonings for 30 minutes
  4. Soak dried porcini mushroom, dried agaricus blazei and dried tangerine peel for 10 minutes; drain and discard the water
  5. Wash dried longan, southern dates and dried kombu; set aside.
  6. Put all ingredients in a stewing pot; pour in 3~4 bowls of boiling water; cover the pot and stew with high beat for 4 hours
  7. Season with sea salt and serve.


Prepare more servings of yellow fungi(steps 1~2) at freezer for future use.

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