Veggie & Mung Bean Vermicelli Soup


Ingredients: 150g mung bean vermicelli, 150g king oyster mushroom, 150g black fungi (soaked), 100g enokitake mushroom, 100g bean curd puff, 150g pumpkin, 700g chinese cabbage

Seasonings: 2 tbsp. Miso (a traditional Japanese seasoning), 1 tbsp. black bean soy sauce, 1 tsp. vegetarian barbecue sauce – mix well


  1. Soak mung bean vermicelli for 10 minutes and drain.
  2. Wash and cut king oyster mushroom, black fungi, bean curd puff, pumpkin and chinese cabbage into slices.
  3. Cut off the ends of enokitake mushroom. Rinse and drain. Set aside.
  4. Heat wok with oil. Fry sliced king oyster mushroom, black fungi, bean curd puff, pumpkin and chinese cabbage until fragrant (except mung bean vermicelli and enokitake mushroom).
  5. Pour 10 bowls of water in pot and bring to the boil. Put all fried ingredients into the pot. Mix in seasonings and cook for 10 minutes with high heat.
  6. Turn to medium heat and add mung bean vermicelli. Simmer for 3 minutes. Mix in enokitake mushroom. Turn off heat and serve.


  1. Avoid cooking mung bean vermicelli and enokitake mushroom for too long.


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